8 Smart Techniques to Generate Leads For Your Business. Even with the best product in the world, your business will surely fail if no one knows about it. You will be doomed to join the growing number of startups that crash and burn in their first 5 years.

But the businesses with the most leads will always win.

If you generate more leads but have an average product, you still win, because leads mean more revenue. And revenue means more profit (most of the time).

So let me show you 10 ways you can generate more leads for your business immediately.

1. Engage Directly with Leads

Engaging directly with your customers should be one of your biggest priorities. Most businesses choose to engage with customers indirectly – such as through FAQs, and knowledge bases.

This is not an effective way to engage with your customers.

On the other hand, engaging directly with customers – such as live chat, forums, and support desk, helps customers to interact better with your business and more engaged customers result in better word-of-mouth and more leads.

2. Smart Techniques to Develop & optimize informative content

It is an obvious fact that content can be a great source of web traffic – which will result in more leads. But it needs to be informative.

High-quality content can be an asset for you as it attracts traffic to your website even beyond the date it was published. Try to include images, videos, and infographics to increase engagement.

3. Smart Techniques to Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a Question & Answer based social networking site with millions of people from different demographics posting daily questions.

If you answer enough questions posted there by different users, they will spot your profile and most likely check out your website too.

4. Comment on other blogs

Dropping comments on other people’s blogs can be helpful in getting your name out there and eventually generating leads for your own business.

Write comments that are helpful and informative and people would want to check out what you do.

5. Participate in forums

Forums are the best place to get to connect with your customers at an intimate level. The better you know your customers, the easier it is to contact them with a potential offer.

Be active on forums, share your views with the members and answer their questions.

6. Share videos on YouTube

YouTube is not just a video hosting service, it’s a massive search engine. It enables you to create and maintain your own channel where you can share videos regarding anything.

Compared to other social networking platforms, all the posts remain there for a very long time. Thus, this is the best channel for sending referral web traffic in the long term.

By creating videos and posting them on YouTube, you can easily attract more leads to your business.

7. Offer a free software tool on your site

If you can offer an easy-to-use software tool on your site, for free, it will build trust with your audience.

More trust inevitably means more leads.

8. Add a Quiz to your blog

Posting a quiz to your blog can make your content engaging and draw more attention from an online audience. In fact, it can easily entice the readers to share their feedback about your blog and article. This will also help you establish a stronger relationship with your audience and get more leads in the long term.

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