8 Super Metrics to Improve And Grow Your Business in 2023

Applying these 8 super metrics to improve and grow your business in 2023. Consequently, you will make more sales and definitely help you achieve your goal in 2023. But just like every other goal, it takes definite strategic actions to crush it. This is even more true for business and sales goals. In this piece, I’ll be revealing 8 metrics that will help you manage your business better. And thus help crush your sales goals for the year. Seat tight!

Here are 8 metrics that will help you grow and improve your business. And as a result, triple your sales before the year’s first quarter.

1. Customer Acquisition Cost Improve and Grow Your Business

8 super metrics to improve and grow your business
8 super metrics to improve and grow your business

The customer acquisition cost is the amount you spend on your marketing campaigns to earn a new customer.

This cost is realized by dividing all your marketing costs by the number of new customers acquired for a period of time. Keeping a record of your customer acquisition cost is essential. This helps you check whether you are making a profit or loss. It should be reviewed as often as possible. This will let you know when to stop a campaign and go back to the drawing board.  You can scale up an ongoing campaign if the return on investment is wow. So it’s evident that the lower your customer acquisition cost the higher your return on investment.

2. Average Order Value

The average order value gives insight into the average revenue each order should generate. This value will motivate you to lure your customers to spend more money with you. Your average order value can be improved by encouraging bulk orders. You can offer coupons, free giveaways, or by setting a minimum free shipping threshold.

3. Lead Capture/List Building Will Help Improve and Grow Your Business

Your email list is arguably the most valuable asset you own as a marketer. And that’s why it’s often referred to as controlled traffic. Having an email list enables you to connect with your customers. As a result, you engage them with educative content, presell them and thus eventually have them primed to take any action you want them to take. Creating newsletter submissions and squeeze pages (lead capture) campaigns should be a continuous aspect of your marketing activities.

4. Customer Loyalty And Retention

8 super metrics to improve and grow your business
8 super metrics to improve and grow your business

Customer loyalty can be achieved by attracting the right customers. So, you can persuade them to buy, then indoctrinate them into your business ideology. By doing this, they grow from becoming just customers but ambassadors of your brand. Preaching your business gospel and thus bringing you more customers.

5. Hours Worked Per Project

8 super metrics to improve and grow your business
8 super metrics to improve and grow your business

One of the most expensive raw inputs is the human effort(labor). You need to know the number of hours required to complete a task. Set a target, and by doing so, you will be able to monitor if things are going fine or if you are working behind time. For the laborious task, it will be more cost-effective to outsource tasks. Run automated labor in the long run then weary your human workforce. This is very key, as most entrepreneurs fail to see this.

6. Repeat Customer Rate

This is simply the number of customers that purchase from you repeatedly. Think of the costs of marketing campaigns to land a new customer. Don’t you think it’s cheap to retain customers? I guessed so too! This is one metric I cannot overemphasize. As your repeat customer rate has a direct effect on your return on investment. So continual and regular updates on this metric will help you work on and improve the rate,  as a result, increasing your return on investment.

7. Good Landing Pages Will improve And Grow Your Business

Landing pages are the first pages visitors land on after clicking your ad. Therefore, the more impressive your landing page looks, the more sales you’re likely to make. And as they say, the first impression matters. So, your prospects will build their first impressions about your brand from the feeling they get surfing your landing page. A hack that has worked for many companies is, including customers’ testimonials on top of your landing page.  And do not be too salesy as this can turn a prospect off quickly.

8. User-Friendly Site to Improve and Grow Your Business

8 super metrics to improve and grow your business
8 super metrics to improve and grow your business

As a marketer or business owner, you should know whether your customers access your site using laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The number of mobile users has increased. A mobile-friendly site will give your customers and would-be customers a better user experience. Do you know that the time a page takes to load can either increase or lower your sales?  Complicated pages will take longer to load which makes visitors leave your site without viewing your pages or offers. As a result, this will cause a reduction in your sales. Therefore, it will be wise to regularly and continually review and improve your site.  And will give your customers the best experience on your website.


In conclusion, I hope with this knowledge of these 8 super metrics you can grow And improve your Business ramp up your business and increase your sales. It’s not magic. You have to follow up and work on improvement based on your results till you crush that goal.

Thank you for reading through, do endeavor to give me feedback as you apply these metrics to your business, I am looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers!

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