Making money online is undoubtedly one of the most searched keywords on Google, as everyone wants to discover that new secret or new hack that will make them good cash online. While there is indeed money to be made online, only a few of the online hustlers are getting a feast on this online gold mine. And the simple reason so many “guru wannabe” keeps struggling with their online business is because they fail to do it the right way.

On the journey of success, there is an indispensable principle called the principle of cause and effect, it says ”Every action has a direct effect,” so to get a particular effect(result) one needs to take the corresponding action that will produce it, and that simply is doing what the PRO marketers are doing to get the result they are getting. It’s really that simple!

So in order to help you out of this circle of cashless hustle, I decided to condense my secrets of a successful online business into 5 actionable hacks you can use to change your online business into a success story in no distant time.

These are guaranteed to work if only you’ll ACT because every effect(result) is an outcome of an ACTion.

1. Dream Big But Start Small

Often times, have gotten so pumped by what some have been able to achieve in the online sphere, many tend to come up with big dreams, brilliant and wonderful ideas that’ll change the world, no doubt. But remember like my mentor once said; “I know you want to build the next Facebook or the next Google, but you need to be able to pay your bills first before you can put soul and body together to give that dream of yours a good shot”.

But the usual case is that you pursue a big dream for so long putting all your resources and efforts into it but soon find out that you haven’t got all it takes to flag such project, with your bills toiling on you from another hand, you give up, all hope lost till…another amazing world-changing idea hits you again and the circle continues.

I know that’s the way you’ve been doing it, but its the wrong way. Its good to have big plans and big dreams but its one step at a time.

Dream big, plan well and start somewhere, that’s how the big boys became big!

2. Focus and Consistency

If these two virtue goes together in any endeavor, success is a sure outcome. One problem so many gurus wanna face is the issue of focus, deciding on a particular venture and pursuing it with consistency till it pays out, even though it might not pay out every time in cash, it will always pay out in experience, which is priceless!

Multiple streams of income is advised for starter netpreneurs but still, there is a thin line between pursuing multiple income sources and being a “jack of all trade and master of none”

3. Don’t Re-Invent The Wheel: Use Templates

There is a popular but true saying that says”there is nothing new under the sun,” fortunately this holds true even in the online business world as well, and even more.

Know this fact friend, no bluffing, whatever you want to do or whatever challenge you face online has been faced by someone else before, so this makes things easy.

What this means is that there is a template or guide you can always fall to for every venture you intend going into online, starting from scratch is the mistake of many, little wonder they never achieve much, even with so much efforts and consistency.

The big boys use this to dominate and crush in their hustle, you should start doing same.

4. Outsourcing

This is one secret so many haven’t come to realize. An online business is all-inclusive; content creation, designs, copywriting, product creation, customer support etc. And the truth is; You can never do everything yourself, even If you try, some things are surely going to come out crapy and that will definitely affect your conversions, believe me.

This is one reason so many are still struggling and its one secret the real gurus are leveraging on, everything concerning their business is outsourced to professionals while they concentrate on the aspect of their expertise and everything comes out well and awesome. This is why their conversions are always amazing!

My friend don’t be afraid to outsource, it helps you do more and do them professionally, this, in turn, earns you awesome conversions!

5. Mentorship

Mentorship is the best gift any beginner netprenuer can ever get, with mentorship you get success in a box if only you are willing to claim it.

You need to get a mentor, a paid one isn’t a bad idea, it helps you to be more serious. But bottom line is that having someone with more experience and success to help oversee and guide your path is a golden gift!

Even the most successful marketers online have mentors, so why shouldn’t you?

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