All right, so if you haven’t been using Chat GPT to make money online, then you’re completely missing out. So, I’m going to simplify this today in a way that you can start making a lot of money almost instantaneously, but there’s a catch. Everything that you will be selling or promoting easily will be over ten thousand dollars a piece. So, don’t be afraid of high ticket items. I’m going to make this very simple. Watch this. We’re going to ask Chat GPT to suggest products and services that cost over ten thousand dollars that average people purchase often. That’s important, guys. A lot of you might think that people won’t have the money to spend ten thousand dollars, but average people spend that a lot. This will show us what products and services we can promote.

It says that some products and services cost over 10K that average people may purchase. Look at this: home renovations, pool or spa, a wedding, a new roof or a house, a furnace or HVAC system. Now, I know a lot of these things on this list, some of you guys have experience with. A new car or truck, a vacation or a trip such as a cruise or safari. Tell me, guys, that average people don’t spend money on this. So, you’re like, “Okay, well how do I make money from these?” It’s easy. You drop service using Chat GPT and position yourself as an industry authority for these things. You don’t have to have any experience. Watch this. We’re going to say “more please,” and it’s just going to give us a whole bunch of different industries with products and services that have high ticket products and services.

Look, as you can see, jewelry such as engagement rings, musical instruments such as a piano, a boat, a recreational vehicle, new computers, professional photography, new kitchen or bathroom, heating and cooling system, a new deck. I have a student who does construction, and he makes a lot of money. He doesn’t have to do the work. What happens is he positions himself to get the leads, and he can either sell the leads or he can just take on the job and contract it out. You understand what I’m talking about. So, now you guys have an idea.

So, what would you do? We’re just going to go one by one, and I’m going to show you how you would make the money for these using Chat GPT. Watch this. So, we’re going to say “home renovations.” Alright, so you can create something called a directory. Go to the link in the description, and it’s going to give you a free trial to where you can go in there and have a directory built out, or I can help you with that and everything. So, watch this. Look, “home renovation Chicago.” So, what you want to do is make partners with all of these people. They’re not your competition; they’re your partners. You’re going to contact them, or I’m going to give you a script, and you can just email them. You don’t even have to get on the phone with anybody. You’re going to tell them, “I’m going to be having jobs that are coming in, and I want a percentage.” Very simple, guys.

So, these home renovations are going to be over ten thousand dollars each. Now, watch this. Then we have this right here. So, I want to show you first. We’re going to see “pool builder.” Watch this. “Pool building.” Watch this, and I want you guys to see the cost. Watch this. “How much does it cost to build a pool in Chicago?” Look at this. A hundred thousand to two hundred thousand dollars is the price range for an in-ground swimming pool. Now, watch this. Alright, but an above-ground pool will set a homeowner about 4K to 12K, but you can see this right here. It can be like a hundred thousand freaking dollars, depending on what type of pool it is and how big it is. So, I’m not making this up, guys. You can see that all of these are over ten thousand dollars.

Then we have this right here, a wedding. We already know wedding photography and videographers are high ticket and cost a lot, but watch this. Wedding planner costs. Do you see this right here? This can be 5K to 15K, and that’s just for a day or a month. These people are high ticket. They know what they’re doing. So, if you’re trying to make money online, guys, it’s very simple. When you go to the link in the description, it’s going to take you to Builderall, where if you make a free trial and you stay on that trial, I’m going to send you everything you need, like ads, how to make the website, how to make everything professional, how to get partners. All you’re going to be doing is signing up with partners.

Okay, so you’re going to partner with a wedding planner, and we’re going to send them the leads, we’re going to send them the jobs, or whatever, and they’re going to split it with you. This is how you make 10K per sale, guys. As you can see, it can be up to 5K for a day of work for some of these weddings. Now, we got a new roof. Right now, in the industry, they call them re-roof. Okay, so we’re going to see re-roof costs. Let’s just say, “How much does it cost to replace?” Okay, in Chicago, it’s around 8K, pretty much close. It just depends on the size of the house and everything like that.

So, as you can see, all of these are products and services that you can promote that are over ten thousand dollars. If you were to get one sale per week, or let alone per month, you would change your entire life. So, this is how we can use Chat GPT to make a lot of money online. Now, you’re still going to have to set up everything as far as the drop service and then getting partners. Right now, AI and Chat GPT can’t do that, but I do have some software that I can give you for free once you go ahead and sign up for the free trial below. All right, I want you to go ahead and do that, and once you stay on there, you’ll have access to all of the software you need to make a lot of money online with Chat GPT, social media, and all of that extra stuff.

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